Soirée, sister to French Pharmacie Salon, is nestled in the stylish and trend setting neighborhood of Broad Ripple. Located just along the canal and next to French Pharmacie, Soirée by FP is in your perfect central location.  

Our Story

Heather Price and Danny Cheshire, owners of Soirée and the French Pharmacie Salon, while a seemingly unlikely paradox, are long-time friends and have both carved out successful career paths in the beauty industry and now events.  Heather's tenacious and business savvy approach mixed with Danny's free spirited creativity strikes a perfect balance for their partnership.  

Cherí  |  event coordinator

She continually reigns in both Gemini owners, Danny and Heather, who at times don't have both feet planted on the ground.  An uber creative force she is simply queen of DIY everything...making nothing into magic.  Her keen eye for design and perfection makes her a key piece to our crazy puzzle and an essential liaison for our clients.  In addition to being our Event Coordinator, she steers the ship at French Pharmacie, our sister salon.  No party is too small, Cherí can help you plan the party of your dreams.  Whatever you do, don't steal her favorite felt tip sharpie pen...she will cut you.